a dance with the devil lasts forever

This just consists of what I like, makes me laugh and a little piece of me. I enjoy the art of body modification and other little treasures i find.
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Senseless injustice! Tread on heads like dust of the earth

Cut off the hands of the ones that are reaching out

Are we so calloused that these cries are going unheard?

This blood covers me just as much as you

They say this world is what I make of it

Am I the only one that wants a change?

I’ve turned my back on all my brothers dying in their broken homes

I dug the graves of the ones I am called to love

We are forsaken! Empty shells still fill our seats

How quick we choose to forget the desolation in the streets

I can’t believe this; that we still won’t see the truth

I won’t quietly sit and choose not to be moved

Come stand with me; I’ll never walk alone

My words are not enough; I will love the unloved

Come stand with us; we’ll never walk alone

Our words are not enough; we’ll love the unloved

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